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About Us

Pat - is our hygienist, or "hygienius" as Chereese's daughter says. Pat also worked with Dr. Tortorici. She always says that we have the best patients.

Chereese - moved to Birmingham in 2002 and immediately began working with Dr. James Nelson as a dental assistant and receptionist. She enrolled in the Alabama Dental Hygiene Program and received her license to practice hygiene in June 2006. She began working for Dr. Barry Goodspeed when Dr. Nelson retired in August 2006. She is a member of the Birmingham Dental Hygiene Study Club.

Chereese is married and lives in Irondale with her three daughters and her favorite son. She loves being a 'Hygienius', a term made-up by her daughter. She often says she loves hygiene so much, she would clean teeth for free!

Kendra- is  serving as the sole dental assistant. She brings great skill and cheer to the office!

Nahid- joined our staff as a hygienist in January, 2015 as Dr. Goodspeed aquired the practice of Dr. Iradj Sooudi.

Lisa- is our most recent addition to our dedicated staff. She will provide our office staff and patients with over twelve years of experience.

Licia- is a greatly appreciated part time assistant and former pediatric dentist from Brazil. She brings great joy to our office.

Cindy (In Memory)- most of you will remember Cindy who has served this office since 2001. On September 1, 2009 she passed away and now rests peacefully with Our Lord. God bless you Cindy and family!