Iradj Sooudi, DMD

Dr. Iradj Sooudi recently merged his general dentistry/maxillofacial practice with the general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry practice of Dr. Barry E. Goodspeed. As of January 1, 2015, Dr. Sooudi retired from his private practice and chose Dr. Goodspeed to assume responsibility for his patients at Dr. Goodspeed’s Homewood office, 2901 Central Ave., Homewood, AL 35209.

Dr. Sooudi chose Dr. Goodspeed because of Dr. Goodspeed’s commitment to patient care and continuing education. Dr. Goodspeed welcomed the merger as he viewed Dr. Sooudi as a very compassionate and skilled dentist. Dr. Goodspeed also realized that Dr. Sooudi’s skills in treating maxillofacial cancer patients with special maxillofacial prosthetics were a very unique skill set in this area. Dr. Goodspeed looks forward to learning from Dr. Sooudi and allowing these special patients to benefit from his practice’s advanced technology including Cone Beam Computerized Tomography and CAD CAM crowns and bridges and custom implant abutments.

Dr. Goodspeed was very satisfied with the merger and was further pleased to find out that Dr. Sooudi was chosen as Dentist of the Year 2014 by the Birmingham District Dental Society. What a well-deserved honor for such a dedicated and humble dentist!